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How to Sleep Train Babies? Sleep Training with Sleep Friend

Sleep training in babies is based on trust. The baby must be given the necessary attention and love. The baby should be prepared for sleep in a calm, quiet and dark environment. Then, reassuring behaviors such as breastfeeding, singing a lullaby, and speaking in a peaceful voice can help the baby sleep comfortably.

How to Regulate Baby’s Sleep?

It is of great importance to ensure a sleep routine for babies. Daily sleep routines give babies confidence. The first year is important to establish a baby’s sleep routine. Baby sleep training varies depending on establishing a routine.

Preparation for play and preparation for sleep become routine for the baby. In order to develop a sleep rhythm during the day and night, preparations such as burping, bathing, massage, lullabies and breastfeeding at certain times are good. The first 40 days for babies are the adaptation period to life.

Between the 6th week and the first 3 months, the baby needs to sleep 4 times a day. In the ongoing process, sleep patterns can be gradually restored. Dressing in pajamas and turning off the lights are among the steps of baby sleep training. The baby sleep training process can also be managed with professional support.

Night & Day Sleep Pattern in Baby

It can be created in a short time by taking sleep training for babies. Babies between three months and six months can sleep 6-8 hours continuously at night. There is no need to worry about nutrition in this process. This sleep process is considered normal for babies who continue to gain weight.

The question of how to regulate my baby’s sleep is a matter of curiosity for all parents. In order to establish the baby’s sleep routine, the sense of trust must be reinforced. This is possible with peaceful behaviors such as bathing, breastfeeding, massage, burping and lullabies. Getting baby sleep training also contributes positively to the process.

The safe address to receive training is, which can provide unlimited information support at any time. Sleep routines can be created for babies as a result of training received from professional experts.

Artificial sounds similar to the sounds in the womb, referred to as white noise, can also be useful. These can be rain and wind sounds, sea wave sounds, heart sounds and fan sounds. Establishing a night and day sleep pattern in babies is also a great convenience for the mother.

Can babies be given sleep training with a sleep companion?

It is known that sleep is the most important factor for babies. Babies can sleep up to 20 hours in the first month, but then it decreases to 14-16 hours. It decreases in a certain order until the age of 1. How can I regulate my baby’s sleep with a playmate? Sleeping companion is recommended for those who want to sleep.

Sleep training can be given to the baby with a sleep buddy. However, in order for sleep training with a sleeping companion to be effective, the sleeping companion must only be seen in the sleeping area. Benefits of a sleeping companion;

The presence of a friend who does not leave your side when you wake up will give you confidence.

It can help the mother sleep by hugging her when she is not with her.

The presence of a washable, soft sleeping companion will make you feel that you are not alone.

The baby should have a sleeping companion with him, even if he is sleeping in his bed, stroller or anywhere else.

The dimensions of the sleeping companion should be chosen from tangible objects with a head, arm and leg.

This is also of great importance for the baby’s motor skills.

In addition, it may have advantages such as the association that it is bedtime when the child sees a sleeping companion.

Details to Consider When Giving Sleep Training

Many details need to be taken into consideration when giving sleep training to babies. Babies, whose sleep patterns are developed until the first year of life, also follow the sleep patterns later in life. Things to consider in babies receiving sleep training:

The baby should sleep in its own bed and room.
The gold must be clean.
There should be no factors that could affect your concentration in the sleeping area.
The mattress should neither be too soft nor hard.
Care should be taken to balance room temperature and humidity.
The baby’s tummy should be full.
Attention should be paid to factors of peace such as keeping the lights off, breastfeeding, and lullabies.

Who Should Get Baby Sleep Training?

In order to receive sleep training, professional trainers must first be found. The sleep trainer, which can be started after the first 40 days, must have proven reliability and training methods. While the baby is getting ready for sleep, his clothes should be changed and he should be put into a sleeping position.

It should be worn especially as soon as you wake up from a daytime sleep. Silence, breastfeeding, massage, and lullabies before going to sleep will remind the baby of bedtime. Babies whose sleep routine is carefully created are prepared spiritually and physically.

Sleep is the biggest supporter of growth for babies. In babies, sleep hours exceeding 20 hours in the first months continue to decrease over time. It should be known that sleep quality is as important as sleep patterns.

What is the Effect of Sleep Training on the Baby?

Establishing sleep patterns in babies depends on education. A routine can be created in certain stages by giving sleep training. The question of how to regulate my baby’s sleep is a matter of curiosity for many mothers. For this reason, the baby’s sleep pattern can be improved thanks to sleep training that can be received from a specialist.

Behaviors that give confidence to the baby, such as a peaceful environment, sleeping companions, bathing, lullabies and breastfeeding, should be offered. It is also very important that the baby’s sleeping clothes are soft, comfortably shaped and made of fabrics that do not cause sweating. Sleep patterns can be easily maintained in babies who feel safe.

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