1- Your Brand Label

The products will be produced with your brand label.

2- Shipping Costs

Shipping costs are not included in the price. After the products are prepared, they are presented to you by taking offers from cargo companies. If you agree, it will be included in the invoice. If you wish, you can also make a cargo agreement with cargo companies. Thus, you can pay the shipping fee directly to the courier company.

3- Brand labels, washing and other labels, information cards and extra packaging

Your brand labels, washing label, GOTS label, information cards and any extra packaging you want are not included in the price. We will provide you with quotations for the materials and will be produced if you approve. When the production is finished, the costs will be added to the invoice.

We use a simple recyclable transparent polybag for the products and it is included in the price.

4- Sending fabric and similar product samples

Our fabric samples and sample products for your order are sent to you and you can do quality inspection.

5- Advance Payment

Before starting production, at least 50% of the order amount will be requested from you in advance. Production will start when your payment arrives in our official company bank account.

6- Production Approval

Samples of your products and fabrics will be prepared and sent to you for your production approval. Once you confirm, production will start.

7- Quality Control

When the production is finished, the quality of your products will be checked. You can come to our factory and examine the products at the production or quality control stage. Third parties and companies you authorize can inspect your products in our factory.

8- Remaining Payment

After the quality control, the products will be put in boxes. Your invoice will be updated according to the actual quantities of post-production products. Shipping offers will be received and made available to you. Then, shipping charges and other costs, if any, will be added to the invoice and sent to you. You will be asked to pay the amount other than your first payment.

9- Shipping

When all the payment related to your order reaches the official bank account of our company, your products are delivered to the relevant cargo company and shipped to you after the official export transactions.